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Giving Families the Gift of Love

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We’re a Non-Profit organization partnering with businesses to serve local families in the community who experience a Premature Birth, Stillbirth or need help for other reasons following the birth of their child.


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  • My twins Reid and Reece were born on December 29th 2015 at Bloomington hospital. Our time in the NICU was very hard but having such amazing caring nurses helped so much they truly went above and beyond what I would ever think someone would do for a total stranger. After my babies had been in the NICU for a couple weeks they gave me a gift from Garrett's gift. It was so nice to know that there are other people out there who care so much. I don't think I can ever thank everyone enough for all they did for us while we were in the hospital.

    Jacqueline, December 2015, NICU Family
  • I spent two weeks in the hospital by my babies' side while they fought their way out of the NICU. Receiving Garrett's Gift after putting my needs aside completely during that time was so special. It meant so much not only to know that my family wasn't alone in our struggle but also to see someone else turn their loss into a special care package to help us keep going. Thank you so much!

    Amanda, December 2015, NICU Family
  • This is very sweet! It is so nice to be able to take homemade gifts home with us. It is really cool to hear their story too.

    NICU Family
  • I think the bags are great. The parents faces always light up when they get to see what is in the bag. They want to express gratitude and say thank you each time. It helps light up a time that can seem very dark.

    NICU Nurse, IU Health Bloomington
  • We really appreciate the uniqueness of each bag. The mothers are so thankful to be able to write notes and questions in the notebooks when it is easy to forget information during a time of exhaustion. Frequently, parents are eager to give back through donations. It is the gift that keeps on giving!

    NICU Nurse, IU Health Bloomington

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